Olivia safety gate

Olivia gate’s strong points products:

– 4 pressure points fixing.

– Width-adjustable from 70 to 103 cm.

– Height: 77cm

– Two-in-one: adjustable with doors as well as stairways.

– No doorsill to clear completely the passage.

– Easy use.

– Fast installation.

– Opening in 2 distinct and consecutive actions.

– In accordance with NF EN 1930 02/2012 standard.

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It’s difficult to be able to watch one’s baby during every second especially when he’s beginning to know how to move and when he wants to discover the world around him.

Nidalys guides you in the protection of your child and the safety of your house with Olivia safety gate.

This gate manufactured using natural wood, will perfectly protect all dangerous areas such as stairways, doors, garage…Olivia gate is fixed by pressure and opens and closes with one hand. Its practicality, thanks to its large opening from 70 to 103 cm and its lightness will allow you to move easily according to the places to secure.

Its double safety opening and closing system allows you a handling with one hand and a high resistance to children pressures.

The safety gate opens and closes in 2 distinct and consecutive actions, you have no doorsill, which facilitates the passage.

Like all Nidalys’ safety gate, Olivia gate is manufactured in accordance with NF EN 1930 02/2012 standard.