Harry safety gate.

Harry gate’s strong points products:

– Adjustment: large width passage (64/113 cm).

– Two-in-one: adjustable with doors as well as stairways.

– Fixing reliability

– Easy to install and use.

– No doorsill.

– Height: 73 cm.

– Opening in 2 distinct and consecutive actions.

– Opening in both ways.

– In accordance with NF EN 1930 02/2012 standard.

Category: Product ID: 1370


Nidalys guides you in the everyday life in your children protection and in your housing safety. Faced with the danger that stairways or some rooms of your housing may represent, it is essential to take safety gates adjusted to your housing and areas to protect.

Nidalys’ Harry safety gate is ideal to protect stairways because it doesn’t have doorsill. In fact, when opened, you have a large width passage. Harry safety gate adjusts to spaces from 64 to 113 cm.

Fix this gate by drilling for more stability and safety. It’s easy to open and close it with one hand for the parents, but its secured opening double system prevent children from manipulating it.

Harry gate, like all Nidalys’ gate, has been developed in accordance with NF EN 1930 02/2012 standard.