Nidalys in Brief

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  • “I have two nieces, 3-year-old binoculars, whose parents don’t want them to sleep in the same bed.
    When they come to spend a few days, I have an extra bed (TARVA model of the famous sign) that unfolds in 2 mattresses. This is really perfect for separating the two by placing a bed barrier in the middle, under one of the two mattresses. So they sleep in the same room, but separately. But since they’re not on vacation at my place all year round!!, I use the standing fence the rest of the time and use it as a night valet and the bars are perfect for storing my scarves and scarves!”
  • “Our detachable barrier Olivia is very useful. I use it regularly (sometimes to lock myself in the living room so that I can do my ironing in complete tranquillity, without having the children in my paws). It is a qualitative product. The materials used are sturdy and the barrier protects my children from danger.”
    Nathalie - Blog Mon Joli Coeur
  • “I have selected the Olivia model. A barrier made of natural wood which is fixed by pressure. It is quite light, it moves easily and there is no sill bar, which does not obstruct the passage. It resists perfectly the many pressures of my Doucette and this is a very important point.”
    Blog Maman Nougatine
  • “Livia barrier in 122cm: I really liked the color, the natural wood. The fence is the right size! It takes up the full width of the bed and is very easy to install by sliding under the mattress. The system has been in place for two weeks now and I have nothing to say! The fence is solid, it doesn’t move once in place.”
    Maud – Blog Maman Mammouth
  • “We chose this product (firewall) because having an open kitchen with an opening of 1m53 we couldn’t find a suitable barrier to prevent our 16-month-old baby from accessing the kitchen with an oven within reach.
    The installation was very easy and quick. Once installed it is also very simple because the small gate can be opened with a single click and with one hand.
    I highly recommend this product for its diversity of use (firewall chimney, security barrier and park…), ease of installation. And now my baby is safe and secure and no longer has access to the kitchen.”
  • “We opted for the “CLEO” model, which makes it very good at home, and which DadReloo liked for its ease of installation, and the whole WITHOUT KIT! The assembly is easy and quick, the adjustment of the screws on the sides has made it possible to adapt the barrier to our bearing (walls and baseboards of different thicknesses!) Result: I am very happy to have this barrier, I feel really safer since we have it and that gives me more freedom of movement with Mymy! So we adopted it right here!”
    Méryl – Blog mymyreloo
  • “Mathéo loves his Nidalys toy chest, and so do I! The storage volume is perfect and my son can safely use it thanks to the brake system. It is both practical and very pretty. In addition, Mathéo took great pleasure in personalizing it with coloured stickers”